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Ragnar (5 pairs)
J.P. (Peoria, US)
At the gym

I bought my first set of Nordic socks to wear with boots to keep my feet warm. As it turns out I wear my socks to the gym with my white converse shoes. Almost everyday I get compliments on them. Random people I don't know come up and say things. Both men and women.

Ida (5 pairs)
B.S. (Williamsburg, US)
We LOVE Nordic Socks!!!

We LOVE Nordic Socks!!! They are extremely comfortable, wash well, and stay up! I've washed mine over and over and they still look great! There are super sales too - so I just picked up 3 more sets to save. ;)

Bergen (5 pairs)
A.C. (Christchurch, NZ)

Great cosy warm socks. Love them

Espen (5 pairs)
D.M. (Sydney, AU)
Just a question.

Just before I order. Do US sizes differ from Australian sizes?

Espen (5 pairs)
J.A. (Brisbane, AU)
Love my socks!

I bought 10 pairs and I'm ready for Winter here in South Coast NSW, they're comfortable, warm and I love the colours! Thank you x

Ragnar (5 pairs)
r.g. (Melbourne, AU)
Just the best

Have so far bought 25 pairs!.....not all for me lol. Coming into winter here in Melbourne ( Australia) & they are the best....all my family & friends are now kitted out for winter. Thanks Nordic .

Espen (5 pairs)
A.W. (Courtenay, CA)
Just the socks this Vancouver Island girl neede🧡

These socks don't let down! They are warm, comfy, and the patterns and colours are as beautiful as they look. They keep the wet coast weather out! I live on Vancouver Island and they arrived in about 10 days. NORDIC SOCKS Kept in touch as the socks de the journey. 😊

Espen (5 pairs)
R.S. (Harrisonburg, US)
Great socks, great price

I love these socks, and $19.99 for 5 pairs is a steal! They are worth every penny at full price. For years I have been wearing black Walmart And1 socks and had bad foot odor, my family would complain every day. I figured it was either wearing leather boots all day for welding or I just had stank feet, but someone suggested these socks and although my feet still sweat they don't get too hot and the odor is basically gone. It was the cheap polyester Walmart socks doing it. I've been wearing these in 85 degree weather in boots doing work in the yard and the woods, all day just one pair and at night they are still soft and not crusty and hardly smell bad at all. I've been just putting them in the regular wash and they seem ok.

The only thing even a little bad is that they aren't super stretchy so sometimes I have to work at getting it over my heel, but once they are on they are super comfortable. I'll definitely be ordering more of these when I wear these ones out!

Ida (5 pairs)
J.S. (Warner Robins, US)

These socks are warm, soft and fit well. They wash very well- one pair accidentally went in the drier and I think it only made it more soft.

Magnus (5 pairs)
W.F. (Minneapolis, US)
Round 2

Just got my first order and my husband and I both love these socks! High quality, super cute patterns and warm cozy feet. It’s Spring now so they’re not just winter socks. I’m going in for my second order as well as Christmas gifts for all!

Svea (5 pairs)
C. (Elizabeth City, US)
My first collection order.

I love these socks. Comfortable, great patterns and colors.

Arvid (5 pairs)
J.P. (North East Point, CA)
I love these socks!

These socks are so comfortable, colourful and warm. Our home has hardwood floors and and wood heat so the mountain collection keep my my tootsies toasty. Very happy with my purchase.

Ida (5 pairs)
Alice (London, GB)
So comfy.

Best socks ever! Patterns & colours to suit all my family.

Espen (5 pairs)
H.F. (Watertown, US)
Happy feet

I have almost every collection of Nordic socks offered.. I love the patterns, and that my feet are comfy and toasty warm- but not hot, My feet are very happy in the winter and in to our cold Northern NY Spring.
Some of my socks are over 3 years old and they still are looking new and are still comfy!. Love them!!

Espen (5 pairs)
A. (Scunthorpe, GB)

My hubby gave me these socks for Christmas, along with an annual, some slippers, and a scarf, we were having a traditional Christmas (minus the fall outs!!)
They really are fabulous! We walk miles and mostly in welly boots. The socks stay put and are still stretchy/soft and after wearing one pair day after day for 3 months, washing every evening, only now is there any sign of wear. I am looking forward to next Christmas and another set of socks please, Mr C!!

Tore (5 pairs)
B.W. (Milwaukee, US)
Exactly What I Wanted

I bought the classics Tore pack and they are exactly what I was looking for. Cozy but not so thick that I can't fit them in shoes. These are the thickness of normal everyday socks but still have the softness of a nice wool sock. I will say that i'm on the upper end of the large (size 11 US) and they're a little tough to get on but they are NOT squeezing once they are on my feet. I have a feeling thats due to less elastane and more quality material that makes them comfy, warm, and dry. Might be coming back for some of the thick ones some time down the road.

Ida (5 pairs)
S.D. (Lewiston, US)
a gift from my daughter

I absolutely love these socks. I usually have a hard time finding socks that feet my feet perfectly, socks I have purchased usually have too much material in the toe area. I raved about them so much that my daughter bought me more.

Arne (5 pairs)
Sharon Small (Brevard, US)
Best Socks Ever

I got these socks 4 years ago from my son when we retired to the mtns. I wore them everyday at home in the winter they were so comfortable, did not slip around on my feet and so warm I didn’t need slippers. I wore the so much I wore through them, so am looking to get some more.

Sofia (5 pairs)
M.A.W. (Chula Vista, US)
Saga of the socks.

Received set of socks, so pretty! Alas, too small, even tho I ordered largest size. Gave to my sister, too small. She gave to her husband. He loved them. I still have no socks.

Ida (5 pairs)
B.H. (Urbandale, US)
The best!

Having fun wearing my new socks! Somehow I think Iook cool in my Birkenstocks with them on! So comfy and soft. I've washed them and they look brand new!

Svea (5 pairs)
KC (Bradford, GB)
Thick, warm socks

Great socks, very thick and warm.

Espen (5 pairs)
Y.H. (Blainville, CA)
Québec (Blainville)

I bought the Espen collection and I am really satisfied with my order. They are very comfortable and beautiful. I strongly recommend !

Ragnar (5 pairs)
J.N. (Detroit, US)
Love them but...

Great socks BUT the size large are too small. I have a size 11 standard width foot but can barely get the socks on.

Ida (5 pairs)
B.H. (Urbandale, US)

Wore 2 pair of my new socks to work this week. Such a comfortable feeling in my shoes. I'm a nurse working as a procedure care giver. Standing in place up to an hour at a time. My feet felt coddled, warm but not too warm. Then when I got home I put on my Birkenstock sandals. I thought I looked cool!! Lol! Thank you for beautiful and comfortable socks!


They are so so so good!!!! I bought 2 sets for myself and 30 mins after I put the very first pair on, I ordered another 2 sets straight away!!! My feet were always cold but def not today since I put these socks on!! 🤩

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